Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The streets of summer

After being a lazy cat for most of last week, I struck back at exercise with a vengeance with a casual 13.4 mile run on Saturday. But this wasn't just any run - this was a run down Park Avenue with no traffic! How can this be, anyone who has ever been in Manhattan might ask? Guidebooks recommend that visitors drive in the city under absolutely no circumstances as traffic conditions are so hairy. There is one instance, however, during which the casual runner/biker/walker/skater/unicycler?? owns. the. road.

Summer Streets. It's the best! Park Avenue/Broadway is blocked off from 72nd street all the way until the Brooklyn Bridge. There are yoga classes, aerobics classes, drinking fountains, free bike and skate rentals, free samples of all sorts of exciting things and medical tents, should the need arise. You better believe I grabbed a shot of an Odwalla Chocolate Protein smoothie and then proceeded to run the greater portion of those 13.4 miles with an Odwalla bar and applesauce squeeze bottle in my sweaty little hand. Weird? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. I've said it once, I'll say it again: I love free stuff.

I ran a portion of the Summer Streets with my friends Jacqui and Sara (the carebears from Brooklyn!) who are training for the Marine Corps Marathon and ING New York Marathon, respectively. One order of business regarding races that we discussed was weird race shirts. They should be articles of clothing you can wear with pride while brushing the dirt of your shoulders, but too often, they are ugly, ill-fitting and just plain wrong. I was going to complain about one or two of the shirts that I've gotten, however, I think Jacqui won the prize with her Marine Corps 2010 t-shirt which was not a t-shirt at all, but more of a mock turtleneck. Dear race directors...why, why would you ever do that?

stylish, yes...but appropriate for athletic endeavors?

We capped off our Saturday with a margarita brunch at Benny's Burritos {allow me to quickly recommend the veggie burrito with a curry tortilla!} and a matinee of Friends With Benefits...yup, saw it, loved it, no shame.

What's the weirdest race shirt you've ever gotten?
Seen any good movies lately? Bonus points for cheesiness!

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