Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm baaaack!

Well, that was a fabulous staycation! I enjoyed a four-day weekend with my cousin prowling around NYC, giggling at her awe of all of the things I now completely take for granted. It's such a joy to see a city I've been living in through new eyes and was an aptly timed trip as I had the opportunity to do some final touristing and appreciating of the city before I depart for good in...less than two weeks, today!

Brace yourself, because there are about to be more photos in this one post than in the entirety of my blog....

at The Plaza! 
Yes, I made her pose for this. She'll appreciate me later.

in Central Park!

crossing the Brooklyn Bridge!

free doggy bags in Brooklyn!
 I felt compelled to take this iconic photograph as a mental note that they do not have such things in Manhattan...welcome to DUMBO! (By the way, if you are not a New Yorker and come into town, Dumbo is a must visit! you heard it here, folks.)

Anne and the Empire State Building!

slightly sweaty after a long day....
It's very apt that we're posing beneath the "Vegetarian Burger" posting as that is what we all got. I actually despise ordering the same thing as other people so I was none too pleased. We also ordered the same thing at lunch the next day...seriously peeved.

girls at Lucky Strike!
No, I didn't wear the same outfit four days running - these are all taken on the same day. And yes, we did go to The Plaza, Central Park, Brooklyn, Ground Zero, City Hall, West Village and SoHo...all on day one. I told you I get aggressive.

Luckily for Anne, day two consisted of a whole lot of this out at Long Beach:

a lil greasy post-beach time
And the rest of the weekend was filled with rain, providing ample time for much-needed napping and a viewing of "Crazy, Stupid Love" (so cute!)

Now it's Wednesday already and I need to get a' packin' for the big move!!!

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  1. I hate ordering the same thing as other people too! NYC looks great I really want to take a day trip in the fall :)