Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodbye, bridle path. Goodbye, outer loop and lower loop.

In addition to having to say goodbye to my quasi-boyfriend, Equinox, I also have to say goodbye to my favorite running routes. There are only two, so it won't be too difficult.

I live a block away from Central Park, so I obviously frequent the outer path of the park for 95% of my runs. I don't tangle too much with the inner paths because, um, I get lost. runs could be slightly more variant.

When I really can't stand the same scenery, I am fortunate enough to live on the west side of Manhattan (so much better than the east side, don't listen to anyone who says differently - they are liars and not to be trusted on any matter) and not too far away from the West Side Highway running path, which stretches both south and north. I used to frequent this path during my marathon training as I could run all the way up to Harlem through Riverside Park and then down to the very southern-most tip of Manhattan through Hudson Park, Battery Park and sprinklings of other parks of which I don't know the proper names. This route allowed me a good amount of distance in without having to do laps of anything. Always a plus.

This summer, I've had the opportunity to add a third route to my list: Park Avenue on Saturday mornings, also known as Summer Streets! I love the new route, the ability to cover vast amounts of land, and of course the free samples!

Other running "routes" I've enjoyed include the Brooklyn Half Marathon course, the Queens Half Marathon Course, and the Hamptons Half Marathon course. I was hoping to add one more to that list this weekend with the upcoming Bronx Half Marathon, unfortunately it seems that Hurricane Irene did not hear of my plans and is doing her darndest to thwart them.

I've been discussing options with my running friends for how we should approach the race and the consensus seems to be: sleep in. On Sunday, that is. On Friday, talks are in progress for meeting at 6 am to get in a good 13 miles before work.

are we sure that's a good idea?

One thing I am particularly delighted about is that while I will have to bid adieu to my favorite running routes I will not have to endure a dramatic goodbye with my favorite running friends. The benefit of developing friendships through a sport like running is that you can continue to see each other at races since we are all crazy and love travelling cross-country to run further in one morning than most people would like to in one lifetime. A large group of us are looking into forming teams for this winter's Miami Ragnar Relay because you know where I don't want to be this winter? Anywhere but Miami!

 What are your favorite running routes?
Do you want to run from Miami to Key West with me?!?

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