Friday, August 19, 2011

Treadmills are boring

That is the actual name of a playlist I created to encourage me to complete speed workouts - or any workouts, for that matter - on the treadmill, because guess what, it's true. Treadmills are boring.

Even armed with my mighty, up-beat playlist, my best laid plans to last more than five minutes on the t-mill often fall quickly asunder and I putter over to a pilates class, or the elliptical, or, you know...home...

My motivation has skyrocketed, however, since my discovery of interval training - you can get an even better workout than the slow steady run, get it done quickly and maintain level of interest? Where do I sign up?

The best part is, you don't actually have to sign up, you just have to climb on your treadmill. Or your gym's treadmill - so I guess you do have to sign up for that one. I digress. Some of my favorites have included this one (note: hard) this 'family of ones', if you will, and the most recent one I've conquered: this one from the cutest Gina which I love because it mixes hill intervals, sprint intervals, and gets me sweaty and off the treadmill in 30 minutes flat so I can do more important things, like enjoy tapas and happy hour margs with these loca chicas:

more fun than a barrel of treadmills!

Any fave interval workouts out there, for either on or off the tread? 
Any new, distracting workout songs I should download?
Help a sista out!

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