Friday, August 12, 2011

Little girls in the Big City!

Apparently I love comparing random days to Christmas and today is no exception. Today feels like Christmas. Why, you ask?

Because I am getting a visit from my sweet cousin Anne for five whole days starting this evening!

Anne is a rising senior in college in Chicago and has never been to the Big Apple so I am looking forward to taking her all over this city to some of my favorite places: Babycakes vegan bakery, Cafe Blossom vegan restaurant, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, Summer Streets, Pure Food & Wine for dessert (also vegan, noticing a trend here? I hope she hates eggs), the Highline (a must for visitors, in my book!), my friends' summer share in Long Beach for a day of sun & fun...I wonder if she knows this vacation will be about as relaxing as running a marathon?

I have a tendency to really keep my guests busy during visits. The thought that they might be bored for five seconds terrifies me and I want them to love wherever we are just as much as I do! Anyone who visited me in Saint Louis during college breaks or Colby while I was a student there (okay, that was one person...thanks Nicole) or now New York can tell you...I am an aggressive tour guide. A few years ago a former flame of mine was visiting me in St. Louis and I remember him saying, as I was hustling him out the door to our 345th activity of the day that he was there to see me, not the city. Well, sorry. You are going to see everything, do everything, eat everything, and you will like it.

I am going to actually try to remember to bring my camera with me this weekend to provide photographic evidence of our assault on NYC.

Do you love hosting as much as I do?
Are you an aggressive planner or more laissez-faire?
Can you help me relax?


  1. I am a super planner too and love filling up schedules with fun things to do. Hope you have a great time this weekend!

  2. oh i think I need to learn from your planning skills! impressive.