Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seeing the single digits

In college, it was a well known fact among my friends that I did not see "the single digits." Meaning - my pupils did not show themselves to the world prior to 10 am, so help me.

I was recently reminiscing about a college class that was, ahem, not my favorite (it was math...okay, fine, it was a liberal arts logic class that fulfilled my math requirement) and how difficult it was to wake up for class, particularly on Fridays after senior bar nights on Thursdays. I remember it being nearly impossible to feel alive in a class that began at 10 am...in the middle of stating this, my friend reminded me that the class actually started at 11. Oh my.

Oddly enough in the spring semester of my senior year, I  began waking up in time for breakfast. Even more impressive was that I did so although I only had class on Tuesdays and Thursdays (yes, my schedule was that good). Call it growing up, call it a love of eating as much "free" food as possible, call it what you will, I began my journey towards morning-person-dom.

Now I'm renowned for not seeing the double digits - as in, my roommates can confirm that I prefer to go to bed at 9:30. I'm 24. I'm cool, I promise.

For some reason, sleeping from 9:30 to 5 is so much more restful than sleeping from midnight to 7:30 am. I get my workouts in before work leaving me plenty of time for playtime in the evenings and an overall feeling of productivity at the end of the day.

I am now in the last week of my membership at my beloved Equinox (another thing those close to me can attest to is my abnormal appreciation for my gym - a friend called me and before even asking how I was, asked how Equinox was, as though we were in a relationship...which we might be) and am soaking up every precious second of the amazing yoga and pilates classes they offer.

One of my favorite classes is Tuesday morning pilates with the cutest, chirpiest Bonnie. Awesome because of her 90s playlists, her sweetness in spite of the fact she is lighting our abs on fire, and the fact that she shares the name of my precious childhood pup....you guessed it, Bonnie.

BONNIE!!!! circa 2000.
I have already been picking the brain of this savvy St. Louisan for gyms back home, but I have my serious concerns that anywhere will have the mescla of challenging classes, Kiehl's shower products (how else can I justify the exorbitant price of membership) and the amazing, spa-like smell? Yes, the smell. Sometimes I can smell Equinox on me...and it's intoxicating.

What do you love about your gym?
Have you ever had to break up with a gym?
Are you an early bird or night owl?

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