Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving Blues

My apartment building in New York is an old, beautiful building. We have a faux fire place. We have built-in bookshelves. The lobby smells of rich mahogany. In short, I love it. I do not love our leasing director. First of all, he's mean. Second of all, he's very strict.

We are required to hire movers to move in and out of our apartment and these movers must be able to provide mover's insurance to our building. We can only move between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday - Friday. So, you know, my free time. Not!

Also, our leasing director has zero concern for the fact that I am moving not across town, but across country (sort of) and am not actually taking any furniture with me. As he put it "Whether you're taking it to a new apartment or to the dump, you need movers." So what you're saying is...I need to hire movers (approximately $300 for a three hour minimum moving period) to take my mattress to the side of the curb. Awesome.

If you live in New York, and you'd like to help a poor, needy young woman, you can do so by buying this awesome breakfast table.

awesome, am I right??

My hope is just to have nothing that movers could possibly move. I'd also hate to trash this table, because look at it! It's beautiful!

Any Manhattan-ites out there with a lack of awesome furniture...don't be shy, make me an offer!

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