Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Helloooo Brooklyn!

At 5:15 am on Saturday morning, I began my journey towards Brooklyn, New York, United States.

This was my second time competing in the Brooklyn Half Marathon, and last year contained the following exciting highlights:

1. I was late

2. I didn't attach my D-Tag correctly and therefore have no official time for that race

3. It was my first endurance event! (explains #2)

4. My dad was in town for the first time ever

This year, not to be totally outdone by last year contained these slightly variant exciting highlights:

1. I arrived on time, and with enough time to see my friends prior to the race

2. The weather was beautiful - a 5 hour window of sunshine amidst weeks of gloom and doom

3. I found a way not to die of morbid boredom on the 6 mile stretch of Ocean Parkway

4. I was able to celebrate for several hours afterwards in the beautiful sunshine with my amazing DetermiNation crew.

5. I PR'ed with a time of 1:39 - woohoo! Unfortunately though, this put me at 13th for my age division, meaning I did not place. Close, but no guitar, in the words of Mary Kate.

the only picture I took on race day - my friends Jacqui and Sara - care bears care!

The beautiful weather and my wonderful friends made this event a rousing success in my mind. That, along with the NYRR volunteers, many of whom arrived on the course at 1 am, who worked tirelessly to make sure that the race ran smoothly from the starting line-up to the water stations along the course to the bagels, apples and bevvies handed out post-race. That being said. What is the deal with apples at the finish line these days? The same thing happened at the UAE 10k. Not that I hate apples, but where are the bananas??!?

Banana phone calling...where are you bananas?!?

Anyway. I am proud to report that the DetermiNation team raised over $30,000 through this event and are still accepting donations now (duh) if you would like to contribute! Visit our team page!

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