Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giving myself a pat on the back

Last week, I mentioned that I often set out with an ambitious running schedule that I blatantly make no real attempt to follow through on.

Since declaring, however, that I was not going to make excuses for myself, I have actually completed all of the runs that I set out to do - Go team productive D!

Now that I have completed these runs, allow me to show you what a typical week of running looks like for me:

One speed workout, such as the one below, completed on the treadmill so that I can indulge my OCD side and precisely monitor my speed and distance.

Yes, this makes me sweat a lot, and yes, it also likely prevents me from being asked out at the gym.

One short, fast run, usually between 4 - 6 miles at a pace of around 7:00 - 7:30 minutes/mile (I occasionally do this on the treadmill, also, just to be sure I'm hitting my desired speed, although I despise doing steady-pace runs on treadmills. Stab me in the eyeball.)

One medium length run, untimed, usually between 6 - 8 miles. I would estimate that my pace here is around 8:00 - 8:30 minutes/mile and I always strive to throw in some hill sprints, although that's difficult to do in the rather flat NYC. One of my girlfriends from the city clued me into a short, steep hill on 91st Street between 2nd and 3rd so I usually try to hit that up.

One long, double digit mile run. I would estimate my pace on that to be about 8:30, but I don't allow myself to be concerned with time and just aim for getting in the distance and enjoying myself.

I adapted this training plan around what I have the time and resources to do. As I mentioned....I hadn't been very diligent about following it. However, I'm getting better all the time!

So, now you know! I used the beginner version of this plan when I was training for my very first long race, the 2010 Brooklyn Half Marathon and found it to be effective both in preparing me physically and putting me at ease mentally. Since then, I haven't trained for a single one of the Half mar's I've run, so I'm hoping that in actually training for Queens, I will see a difference in my finishing time - wish me luck!

peace out, I'm going to go run.

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