Thursday, July 7, 2011

PSA: It's cool to look like Casper

While I refer to my porcelain-like complexion as "alabaster," I realize that in reality, I'm actually just freakishly pale. I tried to fight this reality for many, many years to absolutely no avail. I will say that I am fortunate in that while I don't tan, I also don't fact seem to repel the sun.

I have many painful memories of going in for my annual check-up in high school and having my doctor comment that I "clearly didn't spend too much time in the sun." Yea...except for the hours I spent on my blazin' hot black roof wearing SPF 8 + tanning oil (seriously), timing my "tanning" of each side with a kitchen timer (seriously)...

I've thankfully given up that habit as it is:

a. terrible for me
b. completely unproductive anyway.

Now I've replaced a desire for the bronzed goddess look with a desire to look young forever and never have melanoma, but mostly look young forever (kidding! maybe.). I wouldn't dare venture into the sun without my SPF 70+ Neutrogena spray sunscreen and I regularly harrass my non-Casper-esque friends about their delinquent sunscreen use.

not everyone in this picture applies sunscreen evenly
But even I, it seems, have a lesson to learn in sunscreen application this summer.

The Well+Good NYC bloggers put together a list of sunscreen tips, many of which took me by surprise. I always apply thick and often, everyday, before heading out into the rays (and so should you!!) but what I did not know was that you should apply sunscreen directly to your face (rather than bottle-to-hand-to-face), that you should put on sunscreen before putting on moisturizer, and (and this is embarrassing) that sunscreen expires? I can say with 100% confidence that in a pinch I have used last season's sunscreen, blissfully unaware of its ineffectiveness. Woops.

ahhh, the bliss of the ignorant

Find the full write-up of tips here and don't forget to apply, apply, apply! And wear bronzer.

Also, for the full, government-sanctioned, updated list of sunscreen rules, check out the FDA's official site for sun protection news and information.

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  1. You look gorgeous with your alabaster skin and will look better than everyone else when you are 70 without wrinkles!