Thursday, July 21, 2011

The new cheez-it

Okay so maybe I'm stretching things a bit with the title of this post. I got carried away, my apologies.

What happened was this:

Raw, dehydrated kale chips covered in nutritional yeast from one of my favorite go-to lunch spots, Terri NYC. I had been reading about how scrumptious these are for months so I figured that I was due.

Conclusion: nom.

They're like the delicious dust at the bottom of the cheez-it bag - hence, the inspiration for my title today.

Lucky for me, dehydrators are practically free and perfectly sized for my closet-like New York kitchen. PSYCH! More likely I will spend an even greater percentage of my paycheck at Terri than I already do. (Right now I'm putting it at 30% Terri, 66% my rent and 4% Starbucks).

Speaking of, I'm enjoying a Starbucks iced right now (actually, that sort of goes without saying. always assume that if it's a weekday morning, that is what I am doing.) and they're giving out coupons with your receipts to get any grande iced coffee for $2 after 2 pm! I remember this promotion from last summer and I'm thrilled that it's back. Anything to justify the amount I'll spend on a single coffee, and anything for a mocha coconut soy frap!

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