Saturday, July 23, 2011

Productivity city, and more of me than you wanted

This weekend is off to an amazing start as I have time to tackle my to-do list, and I am diving in head first!

I actually intentionally took a bit of a break this weekend to squeeze in a few one-on-one friend dates, have some time to dedicate to reading (!),  and get. my. life. together.

As I'm sure everyone is aware, it is crazy hot, like, everywhere. Here too. I feel ya.

I was able to get out for a {cautious} 6-mile run on Saturday morning in Riverside park, enjoying a bit of a Hudson River breeze. On the way there, I picked up a tip for any gentlemen looking for ladies. Please don't try to pick people up when they're going running in a heat wave at 9 am, or, for that matter, in any climate at any time.

really? now, really?
But if you happen to see a girl lugging large boxes from her apartment to the (seems nearby until you're actually transporting all of your sweaters there) UPS store, that would be a good time to step in. I was hot. And tired.

I was also offered an exclusive free week at YogaWorks! I managed to get on the list by visiting their website and printing out the "free week" coupon. It's really a very selective process, you probably won't be able to make the cut.

I love self-portraits.
I am going to try their Level 2/3 class and will give a full report. I am still obsessed with Equinox, have no fear this tiger has not totally changed her stripes, however I really enjoyed the opportunity to sample different studios as they all have such different styles and atmospheres. Thus far I have taken classes at Equinox, free classes at my college gym, free podcasts (highly recommend, the instructor reminds me of Steve Carrell, what's not to love?), Equinox, a class fundraising for Japan relief efforts at Jivamukti, of course Equinox, a few free outdoor classes in Hudson Park and Bryant Park, and Sports Club LA during a week trial I had there when I first moved to the city. Oh and also Equinox. And tomorrow, Yoga Works!

my teeth are huge so sometimes I hide them.
So I found this function on my computer "photo booth," hence the four pictures I took in as many minutes that I am now forcing upon your eyeballs. It's a self-timed photo, on your computer! You don't even have to have friends, and you can still have pictures of yourself. Amazing.

Lastly, kindly read this high-larious interpretation of LFO's song "Summer Girls." Who doesn't love that song? Lots of people, but that's besides the point.

Off to do some work and {possibly, depends} take another box over to the UPS store, then off to a pinkberry date! Incidentally, they also have a muy exclusivo coupon for a 2-for-1 special - can't afford not to!

see you soon, friend.
Hope you're all coping with the heat, drinking lots of agua and takin' it easy!

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