Friday, July 1, 2011

AB Challenge, you say?

As I mentioned previously, reading about fitness makes me feel fit, even if I am sitting on my tukus (yiddish word I learned recently from my cubicle neighbor who mutters "oy gevalt" every half hour or so) and will be for the next 8 hours. Similarly, reading about nutrition facts makes me feel like I'm on an a diet. Mind over matter, people.

So if I have some downtime at work, am on my lunch break, or am enjoying coffee before hitting up the gym for an early morning sweat session, you better believe that I am surfing the world wide web for ways to learn about fitness, super foods, healthy living tips, and becoming a healthier person by osmosis (that works, right?).

Through creeping around various fitness-oriented websites, I found the wonderful Katy Widrick, who is not only a dedicated triathlete but also a legitimate social media maven. Seriously, she may or may not have invented the internet. Obviously, this is someone to follow on twitter (after first following peanut butter...) and if one does so, one will find all sorts of great fitness and social media advice, and become a fit little guru merely by sitting at their computer, doing absolutely nothing! Amazing!

Yesterday Ms. Widrick tweeted about a 30-day ab challenge. In addition to all of the life-long health benefits exercise can afford you, you can also look good in a bikini, which certainly wouldn't ruin my life. So I thought to myself, well why not, Diana? Let's see what this is all about!

Basically, by informally signing onto this challenge, you get advice and encouragement to do approximately 100 ab exercises daily for 25 out of 30 days. That's like, a lot of ab work, but as I said, looking good in a bikini won't make me want to jump off a ledge. So starting today, I hereby declare that I will be partaking in this challenge, with the hope that I will have the sort of abs that give me the confidence to do this:

Or maybe not, on second thought.

Join me, yes or yes?

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  1. YAY! glad you are participating in the ab challenge :) Did you see the new video post describing some new ab exercises?

    And I am right there with you in the cubicle all day - OY VEY!