Friday, July 22, 2011

Everybody's sweatin for the weekend

It's summertime, when we should all be sunkissed with beachy waves in our hair.

Why, then, am I so sweaty and ugly all the time? Darn you, New York City weather!

In an effort to cope with some of the issues that plague what should be our most beautiful 3 months, allow me to share some tricks I employ to keep hideousness at bay:

1. Sunscreen, obviously. Love it, live for it.

2. Mattefying creme! I use Dermalogica clearing mattefier (additionally they have a whole page of "summer favorites" worth checking out!). It's wonderful with your regular moisturizer to keep sweat, grease and rampant acne at bay, help your make-up look fresh rather than slimy, and keep your make-up in place all day long. Which brings me to my next point....

3. Don't wear a lot of make-up. Just don't do it. It's hopeless, it will melt off, you will look worse, it is inevitable. Apply a few dots o' concealer where necessary, some bronzer, a touch of eyeliner if things are getting really fancy, and step away from the products.

no make-up, no tan, no problem.
4. Same goes for hair. Don't try to fight it - braid it, bun it, let it dry au naturale - whatever works for your hair length and texture, just don't load it up with products in an effort to fight heat+humidity. Your efforts will undoubtedly backfire and you will be left with all sorts of ragamuffin photos on facebook. Don't nobody want that.

it's hot outside, don't brush your hair.
5. Keep moisturizing! Even if you feel all, um, moist {hate that word} already, don't stop! It will help heal any sunburn you might have, keep your skin touchably smooth {totally took that from an unknown ad campaign} and protect your skin from the shock of constantly moving between the hot hot hot outdoors and the cold dry blast from your office's A/C. One surprise area of your body that needs extra moisture? Your feet!

6. Drink obscene amounts of water. Just absolutely ridiculous amounts. A guy friend I've run with for the American Cancer Society once so eloquently stated, "if you're not drinking enough water that your pee is clear, you're insane." INSANE! Take that.

For more fun beauty tips, take 'em from Katie - she actually looks like a model so I would trust her advice.

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