Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's mine and I own it

I love those songs that are so impassioned and yet so vague that anyone can relate to them. It's a great ploy on behalf of songwriters and producers to sell records, and while I can recognize it as such, I nonetheless fall right into the trap just like the rest of the suckers.

It's kind of like horoscopes - you can read between the lines of equivocal predictions to find the details of your life. I mean, if you wanted to. I never read horoscopes. Just like I never read gossip magazines.

Today, I am taking ownership of this particular song, which, if you're going to think too hard about it {don't} is probably about Chicago as that is where Lupe Fiasco is from. Fun fact: Mr. Fiasco came to my college my sophomore year, was unbelievably late in taking the stage in what I can really only describe as a cameo appearance, and a belligerent football player put my boyfriend in a headlock. Weird night.

This song has absolutely no musical merit. It may burn your ears. You will certainly be dumber afterwards. But I love it. I love Saint Louis. I was born and raiiiseddd here!

The Cards meet the Phillies tonight at 5:07 pm for the first game of the playoffs. GAME FACE.

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