Saturday, October 22, 2011


I was perusing twitter on my phone the other night during an angst-ridden commercial watching session during the World Series (are you from the Dallas, Texas area? Just go away, please), desperately seeking insights from the various sports 'authorities' I follow and needing something to do with my twitchy little fingers.

FitFluential, not a sports authority but someone else I follow, asked who had done their "#plankaday." I coincidentally had done a plank that day so I raised my hand in the twitter world. I realized this must be some sort of "thing" I was unaware was going on in which people out there in the fit blogging interwebs were doing planks every day and I thought to myself, much like with the #fitabs challenge, oh, I can totally do that! I'm social media savvy and plank savvy all in one, watch me.

So I quietly did a plank here, a plank there, a few planks each day, no big. Yesterday after work I went for a long run and returned home contemplating stretching (ha! yea right) but reminded myself of the #plankaday challenge that may or may not be going on and got right to it. Then I saw a tweet from social media and FitFluential grand dame @KellyOlexa who had done not one but ten #plankadays. The gauntlet had been thrown. I was doing 60 second planks so completing 10 meant that I did 10 minutes of planking (hello, new verb) yesterday - that seems like a lot of minutes and only a little bit of minutes all at once.

My only real concern is, since I do not in fact know the rules of this #plankaday challenge or if, in fact, a 'challenge' in the classic sense of the word truly will I know when it ends? Will it ever end? Will I be doing ten minutes of planking a day for the rest of my life for fear of failing the #plankaday challenge? What will my grandchildren think?

Anyway, moral of the story here is: social media has kept me from obesity yet again. Thanks!

In other twitting (hello, new adjective) news, the evening I noticed the #plankaday trend, was that a top trending item? No. But #YouCanCheatIf was. Who are these people?! That is a conversation you have with your girlfriends on your 4th round of margaritas, not broadcast on the internet to complete strangers!

who knows what I'll be tweeting about after these!

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