Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Facts, She Wrote.

You know the section in Us Weekly - "25 things you didn't know about me," written by some random celebrity you didn't want to know 21 facts about? Yea, me neither....I've never touched that magazines, promise.

I've always thought it would be fun to think of my own 25 facts, but if you really put your brain to it, that is a lot of facts so I will compromise (with your patience) and present you with:

7 things you didn't know about me.

1. Whenever I put fruit in my oatmeal or cereal, I eat all of the fruit and then the oats/cereal because I don't actually like fruit in with my breakfast grains {it's a texture thing} but do it because I know it's good for me.

not all elements of this bowl will be eaten simultaneously

2. I have four fake teeth. Count 'em.

if you can't tell...well then, why did I?!

3. Incidentally, though, I love going to the dentist! Nothing beats that clean-teeth-feeling.

4. I tried to teach my childhood dog to read. Oddly enough, it was an unsuccessful endeavor.

5. I spent the summer of 2007 conducting an anthropological research project on a Cree Indian (technically, First Nation, as we were in Canada) reservation. Many of the children had never seen a blonde person in real life before and referred to me as "the barbie." I was not embarrassed at all. SIKE!

6. I am scared of birds. Seriously.

7. I am pretty sure I have seen every episode of "Murder, She Wrote"...twice. I am also pretty sure that the real reason I went to Colby College was to become a Mainer like my hero, Jessica Fletcher. Don't tell anyone that, though.

for some reason I felt this photo encapsulated me, in Maine

What is your favorite embarrassing television show?
Do you force yourself to eat certain 'healthy' dishes?
Do you think my current dog could learn to read?


  1. Hmmm...cant think of an embarrassing show but I do watch way too much Friends!

    And that's too crazy on the "Barbie" thing. Something I would never have thought about with people not having seen a blonde before. Wow.

  2. Haha that was the cutest post ever. Also, I'm totally with you on how frightening birds are.

  3. haha, i love murder she wrote, and wheel of fortune, and all those nerdy shows. Never gonna give that up!

  4. As a child I would watch Full House all the time, that and Saved by the Bell. I don't feel as if I have to force myself so much to eat healthy, I enjoy it...but sometimes I think I should eat more of this or that.