Monday, October 24, 2011

Deep in the heart of Texas

Although as a former student of Anthropology I understand the arbitrariness of national and regional boundaries and the use of these boundaries to control and classify our bodies and establish hegemonic relationships...I am still a very big St. Louis Cardinals fan and will defend my team against any other regional team. The Milwaukee Brewers, the Arizona Diamondbacks, it don't matter, I want to see the Cards win.

beer and excitement knows no bounds

The Cardinals are currently facing the Texas Rangers in the World Series. Tonight is game five of a closely fought, 2-2 series. Speaking of regionalism, I also happen to love Texas. It's a feisty, proud state with beaches, deserts, big cities, great shopping, great music, and armadillos.

Something I have been struggling with over the past week - and particularly last night during game 4 - is that I really like the Rangers. Of course I want the Cardinals to win the entire series. But am I mad that the Rangers sneak in an occasional win? Shockingly, no.

My brother had the opportunity to attend several NLCS games, which is ironic because he, in fact, does not prescribe to the theory that one should be a fervent and loyal fan to any particular team. He holds that a spectator should value a well-played game and individual talents over holding to a team consisting of an ever-changing roster that just happens to be based out of the town you live in. Ordinarily I would chalk this view up to his overall salty demeanor, however, last night, I found myself thinking the very same things.

Watching Derek Holland dominate on the mound following an adorable pep talk from Rangers manager Ron Washington, I wanted him to win. I didn't want him to fall apart and allow 5 Cardinal runs in the bottom of the 9th. It was his night and there was no other way around it. I certainly didn't want to intercede. As much as I want to spray champagne {Andre, obviously} around the room after the Cardinals collect an 11th trophy, I enjoyed watching this talented young pitcher take down batters with ease.

Other Alarming Reasons I Don't Hate the Rangers As Much As I Want To:

1. Nolan Ryan is pretty much The Man

2. I'm bringing the Ron Washington dance out to all da clubs

3. For some inexplicable reason, I follow C.J. Wilson on twitter and he is actually a very talented photographer!

4. During regular season games, the sing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" at Rangers Ballpark

5. They are pretty good at baseball

I still hate Elvis Andrus though. Don't ask me why, there's no reason, I just do. I hope the Rangers lose the World Series firstly because that would mean the Cards would win, and secondly because that would mean Andrus would lose. Sports really bring out the rational side in me.

Any other sports fans out there?!
And of course...have you done your #plankaday?


  1. I want to follow CJ on twitter now!! Girl, I love that picture of you, you are gorgeous! Baseball is my favorite sport to watch by far and we watched the first three games. I like what your bro said, I have never thought of it like that!

  2. I am a huge sports fan! Mainly football though. I don't have the opportunity to watch baseball live otherwise I'm sure I would love it! (but I don't like to watch it on tv...) Baseball and beer- fun! .....I kind of have to agree with the brother, even though it is fun to have someone to root for!