Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving: You Just Can't Escape It

This week, Wednesday is the new Friday. It's hard to miss the fact that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I hope you are all looking forward to one of my favorite days of the year, with plans to eat too much food and hopefully balance it out with some healthy activity! I'll be running a local 10K before divebombing into stuffing and pie with abandon and while I won't be sporting a costume myself, I hope to spot other, more festive folk in the crowd!

Some fun links to get you into weekend-mode:


YogaDork's suggestions for post-feast and mid-party season recovery poses, including a lovely meditation tactic: focus on sending love, gratitude and forgiveness for someone close to you.

There are just no words for how cute this poster is, from the lovely Cup of Jo. How can you possibly choose?

This may look like a sweet picture, but just wait until what you hear what these animals are actually saying to each other...IN ALL CAPS. Animals Talking In All Caps: It's Just What It Sounds Like.

This workout taught me how to do "side-by-side burpees," and how to cry.

Am I the last person to discover "drunk kitchen"? And in case you were wondering, yes this is exactly what I look like when I'm baking.

Enjoy your holiday and I'll see you Monday, bloated and fighting a pie hangover.


  1. That Kiss your Favorite Beatle is AWESOME! I wish I would have come across this when I lived on my own- it would have totally been in my house!
    I think I am the last person to discover Drunk Kitchen ...she is inspiring ;) That is pretty darn funny.

  2. I LOVE animals talking in caps!! It's my go to whenever I need a good laugh and a dose of cuteness! My fav is the lioness telling her dub off about the iPhone - priceless :)