Friday, November 18, 2011

It's the Freakin' Weekend again!

We made it to Friday again! If your office to-do list or attention span is waning, I'm with you. Here are some fun mood pick-me-ups from the interwebs to you!

Lululemon gives me one more reason to be love notes to share on their website! They also have an entire shopping section labelled "sweat date" - I feel like they are crawling around in my head, giving me exactly what I want to spend my entire paycheck on!

The New York Times recently featured a thought-provoking article on young college graduates who are moving back home - some have jobs, some don't, but all are seeking to save money and plan for their future. The article claims that these young adults are hurting the economy by not spending (money that they don't have...) - what do you think? {in case you can't tell, I disagree - if you don't have disposable income to spend, don't spend it!}

On a brighter note, someone replaced the famous artists on iconic album covers with kittens and made a tumblr.


For pretty-in-the-face overload, check out the new Mrs. Lauren Lauren...

my wedding will also be featured in Vogue

I blogged about the greatest dining experience of my life at Pure Food & Wine here; enjoy 15% off of to-go snackies from the owner's takeaway operation One Lucky Duck from the savvy divas over at Recessionista here!

raw vegan cookies...get in mah mouf!

Enjoy your weekend loves!

Any exciting plans?
Any more funny pictures of kittens I should be aware of?

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