Monday, January 23, 2012

Technology, the bane of my existence

This Christmas, I was elated to open a Garmin 410 watch that my dad swooped up in a hot deal at Costco. Since Christmas, however, I have been disappointed to discover that I am apparently completely inept at operating the dang thing. I can rarely access the menu portion of the screen and usually, no matter which part of the bezel I touch, I just alternate between viewing the time and date and the remaining percentage of battery life. Also, as I was initially setting the little demon up, back in the day when I could view more than one screen option, I accidentally set myself as my correct weight...but a 32 year old man. So now my watch thinks I am a tiny little man who can't figure out technology. No wonder I'm getting no respect.

smart Garmin, stupid Diana

Now, ordinarily this situation, while annoying, wouldn't really necessitate action. But these are no ordinary times. Marathon training 2012 has begun! My girl HRG hooked me up with her training plan from her first marathon, and I would absolutely love to actually time my speed work and accurately determine my mile pace during long runs to the second!

Any advice, or links to technologically impaired support groups would be greatly appreciated.

Do you use a Garmin?
Have you ever had a similar total failure with newfangled technology?? Make me feel better.

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