Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps it's the gloom and doom rainy weather following some of the most beautiful, hopeful days of 2010. Perhaps it's my continued existence in a common room. Or that December 26th feeling that follows a great trip (I spent the last weekend in glorious Boston). Whatever it is, I've been feeling like hiding in my bed like a little monster lately.

So there I was, pretending to be asleep at almost eleven o'clock in the morning yesterday and I thought of this picture, which I stumbled across months ago on Lyndsey Hamilton's lovely blog.

It brought me a smile when I found it and a frown all these months later as I reflected on it. There was no way today was going to be a perfect day. How could I possibly turn a drizzly, cranky workday into the "perfect day?"

So I puzzled, and puzzled, and puzzled some more, until I remembered some things that generally brings me some joy: running, and helping people who actually have real problems. So I did something which I've been meaning to do for quite some time, and that is sign up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

I'm running with the DetermiNation organization, an awesome organization that encourages athletes to participate in endurance events with the goal of raising money for the American Cancer Society. I joined New York's DetermiNation committee a few months ago and am in awe of all the positive, energetic people who organize these events to fight cancer.

For more info on the ACS, please visit their website. To support my efforts, please visit my personal fundraising site. Yay for running and boo for cancer.

And just remember: today is the perfect day for a perfect day. You might just have to try a little harder.

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