Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One of the qualities I abhor most in others is "taking oneself too seriously." I see this all over New York City, people with ultra important agendas, people who determine their superiority by which ultra exclusive venues they have access to, people who become offended at a harmless joke or because, heaven forbid, you "don't know who they are," blah blah blah. I mean, I know these people exist everywhere, however, New York is where they truly shine.
In that spirit, I get an enormous kick out of the blog Unhappy Hipsters which posts amusing captions along with pictures featured in the haute design magazine Dwell (a great magazine by the way, with some truly stunning photographs, but would you ever really want to hang out with one of those architects? They seem like they would be completely ridiculous in real life. You know, like when you go into a modern art museum and see a particularly hideous piece of work that has an overly thoughtful title and a long, drawn-out explanation from the artist. Yea sure it's creative and "cool," or whatever, but you know that artist is an idiot who probably speaks with an affected accent and only talks about themselves and doesn't drink Bud Light and never watches Bravo reality shows, get OVER it).
I stumbled upon this blog while perusing one of my very favorite blogs, Elements of Style, which is full of great design and fashion and written by a very funny lady you could easily imagine hanging with - just wanted to give it a little shout out!


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