Monday, October 12, 2009

My beloved roommate lent me her camera while I await my charger like an idiot, so I was able to document some of our apartment. While I am so eager to share the mess that is my life with you, I will warn you that you should probably not view this photos too close to your bedtime. TERRIFYING.

Decorating with cardboard boxes: so chic right now.

I truly abhor this shelving unit, but it was free which has been a big pull for us lately. To all of my similarly "funemployed" brethren, I think you'll agree that to call the free section on Craiglist "life-changing" is hardly hyperbole. In addition to this...thing, we also got the glass vase that sits upon it (now housing one of our two tiaras) and some curtains, which would be completely egregious hung over a window but may be craftily turned into some item of clothing later.

Another hot shopping spot: the trash. We found a set of little square mirrors in with the recycling outside of our building. Other friends have had similar success retrieving discarded items: I recently walked about two blocks in the rain with a friend (you know who you are) carrying a small side table to her apartment. I'm hoping that if we can just lie in wait long enough, we can furnish our entire apartment for the cost of free ninety-nine! Great price.

It's true that we don't have much in the way of functional furniture. It's also true that we have monogrammed wine glasses, presently stored in our sink. So that's a positive.

A close-up of our lovely shower curtain! We walked into Crate & Barrel, armed with a gift certificate (muchos besos to Elizabeth's aunt & uncle for proving that Christmas DOES come twice a year!) and bopped around the shop until we finally stumbled upon the shower curtains and general bath accessories division. E. took one look at their selection and knew which one I wanted. Me too. I'm beyond thrilled.

So this is the present that we are currently stumbling through. The future is much cleaner. Here are some sources of inspiration we hope to weave into our decor:

We had already discussed painting our ceiling some variety of robin's egg blue (although Moses only knows how), so seeing this photograph on the charmant blog "House of Turquoise" was a wonderful reaffirmation that we were on the right path. The ceiling is so lovely! As is the blog, it is entirely dedicated to shades of turquoise. I love people with passions, no matter what.

I also fell for the work of Anne Harwell, available on Etsy, and am inspired to work on my own decor-oriented creations.

Of course, I forgot my paints at home. Who's surprised? Not to mention where I forgot my talent. Nevertheless, I have a tube of the most parfait pink that I am longing to put on paper. If you've met me once or twice, you may know that I have a passing interest in pink. Now I suddenly realized that I should have named my blog "House of Pink...and sometimes also Green." You know, you live and you learn.

We were hoping to dedicate this Saturday to painting our ceiling and eating pizza, but as ever, our wild and exciting lives have gotten in the way. Someday when we're less popular and in demand, we'll begin to actually make our brilliant ideas a reality. I can't wait, and I'm sure you are also on the edge of your very seat.

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