Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good Afternoon, and welcome to my world, such as it is! As I like to say: come on in, the water is FINE.

Today is my very first day of blogging and my fifteenth day of living my real life in New York City. I created this blog as a record for all of my little creative endeavors, the first being the urgently necessary organization and decoration of my baby-sized but lovely Upper East Side apartment.

While the city is always-fab-never-drab, I'm beginning to feel that I am living in a post-apocalyptic world as my apartment remains in a state of utter disarray. Boxes and cutlery everywhere. Any tips on cleverly hiding household items in itty-bitty spaces would be much appreciated!

I am thrilled to report, however, that I finally have a big-girl bed, complete with sheets! Bloomingdale's is having a phenomenal linens sale. Run, don't walk, over there. Considering that I slept on an air-mattress for a week (it's a sensitive subject, I'd rather not discuss it any further), my bed feels like a cloud. The cheerful, perfectly preppy, Ralph Lauren paisley sheets and crisp white comforter don't exactly hurt either.

And more good news, we picked up a wonderful Marimekko shower curtain from Crate & Barrel yesterday - life sans shower curtain was becoming increasingly strange. We had been restricted to baths for the past week and my love affair with the long soak has officially come to an end. It's a great green Tamara print - a 1960s design inspired by Eastern European wood-block prints. LOVE.

I wanted to capture images of the mayhem (horror?) that surrounds me at every moment. However, I of course forgot my digital camera's charger in Saint Louis, so my words will have to suffice for the time being. In considering my precious palais, the phrases "explosion of kitchen goods," "rolls of wild paper towels on the loose," and "general wreckage and debris" immediately leap to mind.

But everyday, it gets better.

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